Create your own mermaid’s tail

Like to make your own mermaids tail? It’s easy!


The fins

You will need:

You might have (old) snorkeling-fins at home. Take some glue and decorate your fins  with all kinds of pretty things. For example: shells, starfish, beads, use a waterproof pen, nail polish, fabrics, ribbons and use beautiful ribbons or glitter glue.


Fins of cardboard

No worries if you don’t have swimming fins at home: just make two fins out of cardboard. Print this mold first and cut it out with scissors. Put it on the cardboard. Now you can draw the outline with a pencil. Do this twice for each fin. Cut the two fins and make a hole with a perforator or gently with the tip of your scissors (be careful). Then take a piece of sewing elastics about 20 cm and wrap them, through the holes, with both ends fixed to the fins. Now you can decorate them and they’re ready to wear.  


The tail

To create your own mermaids’ tail you need a nice piece of fabric as long as the length from your waist down to your feet. The top edge of the fabric is the width (plus 2 cm or 0.80 inch) of your hips and the lower edge of the fabric is the measure (plus 2 cm or 0.80 inch) of both your ankles. Cut out the shape of the tail, as shown in this drawing, from the fabric.


Fold the fabric in half and sew the sides together with needle and thread. If that is too difficult, you can also use a simple stapler. Make sure you do not seam all the way to the top, but stop at 18 cm below the top edge. So you can easily put on (and take off )the tail. When wearing the tail you can use a safety pin to keep the top ends together (at the back ofcourse).


Use a skirt

You can also use one of your mothers’ skirts. Wrap it around your waist and bind it tightly together around your ankles.

Note: Be careful! It’s impossible to walk with this tight tail. (Sure that’s why mermaids do swim J)




Check out this video to see how these kids did it!.

Have your picture taken in the garden, the kitchen or another creative place.

Mail your photo to Ida. She is very curious to see what other mermaids, from all over the world, look like! (p.s. you need your parents’ permission to do this).

Have fun!